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    Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise.  Seek what they sought.

    Has the Feng Shui changed in H.K.? What are the factors for instability?

    Welcome to Feng Shui Explorer!


    Feng Shui can be very confusing to beginners, especially to those only learning it from a book, or by taking an online course.  Sometimes, it may seem the harder you study, the more confusing it is!  The good news is, this site serves as an easy introduction to Hong Kong Feng Shui, and here, you may explore Hong Kong's Feng Shui based on the Landscape-Form School theory.  Only in Hong Kong, can you find all sorts of landscapes crammed in such a small city.  In Hong Kong, you can find all 5 or 9 types of mountain dragons easily. The simple theory of Flying Star Feng Shui will also be introduced later, as to understand how Hong Kong has changed in different time periods.

    This is Snake Peak! Explore where the dragon comes and goes.


    The sharp peak shape/form represents the element of fire. Watch the mountain Yin and water Yan.

    Culture, not only history


    Oldest type public housing estate. Check out its development in the past 40 years.


    The oldest flat didn't have kitchen nor toilet.  Normally 6 person occupied a flat around 100 square feet.  Housing problem still the biggest issue in Hong Kong society. 

    Examine closely the legs of dragon, its layout and how the spot form.


    The flat top mountain and its leg represents the element of earth.  Can you identify the main branch and branches? 

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